Conversational snippets

Snippet 1:  When providing an update for The Boy on events in The Park this week, i emphasized how tremendously functional DQ has been regarding Mom’s care.

The Boy:  Nice to hear she’s finally pulling her own weight.  Well, um… I’m not sure anyone could be that helpful.

Snippet 2:  There was much more adventure for out little family this week than just the medical drama in The Park.  While settling in to a much anticipated Happy Hour “Strategery” Session with colleagues from work on Friday afternoon, i received a call from The Girl.  She’d been in a car accident, but was uninjured.  Another driver turned in front of her, and an unavoidable T-Bone was served to the errant motorist. 

The Girl handled the situation perfectly – address safety, assess injuries, contact police & insurance company, in that order.  Relieved, i asked if she needed me to assist.

The Girl:  No, I’m fine.  The cop offered to drive me home.  Sweet.  I’ve never been in the back of a police car*!


* Unlike The Boy, who said he’d been on the plastic police car bench seat twice.  His first offense i knew about – a misunderstanding about a borrowed car.  The second?  “I wasn’t arrested.  I was detained. For skateboarding.  Or maybe it was trespassing or something…”


11 thoughts on “Conversational snippets

  1. I’m with The Boy on this one. No harm, no foul. So how many times has daisyfae been in the back seat of a police cruiser? Just trying to gauge how righteous you can be with him.

    And very glad The Girl is okay.

  2. kyknoord – Penis-Owners Of The World, UNITE!

    dolce – has the Great and Powerful Mandaloo simply sweet talked you both out of trouble with the law?

    nm – I vaguely recall the “detention” story. The cops were just hassling the sk8erboyz for kicks…

    gnu – I do not recall… And if i *did* recall, i can’t remember details…

  3. Well, I was arrested and fingerprinted once for a traffic accident, fingerprinted again when I went to work for the dog pound (it was a county police agency), fingerprinted again for my short stint with the IRS (don’t ask, don’t tell). But mostly I got to ride shotgun in the police car because I was married to Barney. I almost got charged with assault once, (no alcohol involved). But that’s a story for my blog.

  4. uncle keith – not yet. he’s prepared to strip down to a wife-beater, knock out a tooth, and be the stupid drunk redneck who never shuts up, and thinks he’s Einstein and talks to the cops about the Constitution… oh, yeah. he PRACTICES this stuff…

    umdalum – i look forward to the story!

    MdW – yes. with boys you generally know what they’re thinking – certainly as teenagers. with girls? too many options, too many creative solutions…

    silverstar – these sound like some spectacular stories as well! i look forward to reading about them!

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