The ICU Follies

With just a few lesser tubes remaining, Mom is up and walking. This morning, after two full hours of sitting up for respiratory therapy and breakfast, and a walk along the hallway in the cardiac intensive care unit, she needed to stop by the restroom before settling in for her morning nap.

The nurse had given her the morning medication just after breakfast – which included a mild pain pill since the walking puts some stress on her body. As Mom came out of the restroom, the nurse noted that she seemed a little wobbly – and asked “Are you feeling dizzy? You seem to be more unsteady.”

Without missing a beat, Mom said “I’d be a lot more steady if you’d remembered to pull up my drawers”. Looking down, they were still around her ankles…

Her sense of humor is coming back. This is a very good sign… 

An artist’s rendering.  Much, much better than the real deal…


11 thoughts on “The ICU Follies

  1. Yes, it does help if your panties are not around your ankles. As I find out every time the phone rings when I’m on the throne. Sounds like your mom is doing great. Hang in there.

  2. silverstar – that seems a law of nature. and the corollary law involves the fact that the phone will stop ringing just as soon as you get to it… OR if you get to it, it’s a telemarketer.

    manuel – that’s scary. i’ve encountered the problem, but alcohol has generally been a factor.

    nm – at least he didn’t post a pic!

    gnukid – as i mentioned above, alcohol-induced drawer-droppage has occurred… sad, but true.

    archie – Great plan! if the car’s going in the right direction, her pants could easily provide additional thrust! Sail Power!

    heartbreaktown – when she started complaining this week, we knew she was going to get through this round! “feisty” is the best word to describe her!

  3. dolce – Nurse Ratchet put the knickers on her because she kept mooning other patients on the hallwalks… I offered to bring in her leather thong and the nurse about had a stroke!

    Mrs. B – could be… it’s not unusual… And mom is a big fan!

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