Just right…

My children are special.

Yes, this is the mantra of all parents – whether we bother to state this fact out loud, or keep it tucked smugly in our heads, we somehow believe that our genetic products are talented, brilliant, gifted and without question – above average.

For Mother’s Day this year, they have once again nailed it.  Like Annie, we’ve generally kept this as a low key holiday.  Like Annie, over the years i’ve been delighted with the school art project gifts – many of which are still displayed in my home.  Granted, the year they had their Dad kick in to get me a Bose Sound Dock for my iPod was pretty cool, too…

No firm plans for this year, The Boy and The Girl arrived home yesterday – with The Boy driving almost 2 hours after work, arriving at 1:00 am.  We stayed up, they drank my beer, and yakked a bit, then i crawled back to bed around 2:30 am.

Scratching and shuffling down the hallway this morning at 9:30 to let Mr. Pickles into the yard for his morning bio-break, i discovered that my kitchen had been prepared for quite a celebration!

Looking at the detail, i saw touches from both The Boy and The Girl.  Clearly the color selection was from my daughter – bright primaries!  Always the artist!  The beer bottles that say “Par-TEEE” were from The Boy.

But the final touch?  It has become a tradition in our little family to find new and exciting ways to frighten amuse the sweet ladies at our local bakery*.   This was the hand of The Boy.

In fact, my children are talented, brilliant and gifted.  And the sentiment on the cake – quite true. 


* The Boy turned 18 on the day that i had my biopsy (and learned i had breast cancer) followed by a mortgage closing to settle divorce arrangements.  i was swamped that day and asked the kids to go to the bakery and pick out a cake.  The cake, under the artistic hand of The Boy, said “Happy Birthday You Sexy Bitch”…

Post-party pictures:  After the break…

The Girl groggily wandered down the hallway as she heard me up this morning.  She explained that the original plan was for the two of them to sleep in the kitchen, then when i wandered in, they’d perk up for “instant party”.  Since they’d been up til 4:30 am with the party prep, i excused the slight misfire, and suggested she go back to bed!  The Boy was snoring downstairs.  Clearly, sleeping on the kitchen floor wasn’t a great plan. 

After they woke around noon, we had a splendid time!  Eating cake for breakfast and lunch, reviewing their actual strategy, and clarifying roles – it was, in fact, The Boy who picked the colors.  The Girl was responsible for the remarkable floral arrangements.  The Dog?  Just a happy-go-lucky attendee…

20 thoughts on “Just right…

  1. Nice!! ……..and have a nice day [blimey, I’m going all American – I better have a cucumber sandwich and knock a Bobby’s hat off – if only it wasn’t so awfully foggy here, I might not be able to find one – oh calamity!]

  2. Wondrous!! You must have been set back on your heels by all of this. What great kids you have! It skips generations, right? (…just kidding, Darlin’…) Enjoy your day with the kidlets…

  3. You do have amazing children. You know if The Boy ever does decide to move north I have 23 year old step-daughter (pure-bred Canadian) who would appreciate such a fine mind.

    Happy Mother’s Day, girl!

  4. …they drank my beer…

    Now that sounds like my 23 and 25 yo girls.

    Sounds like you’ve raised a couple of free-thinkers, which is a good thing.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  5. DP – so long as you don’t start voting for illiterate politicians, with a proven awful track record, then you’re not assimilated…

    gnu – they are pretty amazing… and we’re headed to The Park this afternoon to surprise Mom on the eve of her bypass surgery. The Boy will not be bringing any balloons… which he is merrily popping in the kitchen as i type this to frighten The Girl and The Dog.

    annie – His response to your offer: “Have her send a resume, with photo. I will respond within 3-5 business days”. Yes. He’s a twisted pup… how does she feel about tattoos and really long hair? And a very happy Mother’s Day to you!

    rob – “free-thinkers” is a great description! better than “dirty hippies”, that’s for sure!

  6. Ha ha. As dad of the proffered daughter I must say that tattooes and long hair are not really a problem, in fact, probably preferred. The reverse question would have to be “How does The Boy feel about facial piercings?” Said daughter does not have her own tattoos (yet, as she is planning one of her own design in memory of her mom), but her older sister has a couple already. Said daughter is also fiercely independent and tends to toward anti-establishment values and anarchy. She was just telling me about watching a documentary last night entitled “The Business of Being Born”. Her favourite move is “Fight Club”. Sheesh! What am I doing? I seem to be writing her resume…..

  7. Wasn’t there something about pimping on this site awhile back? Now we’re doing it in the comments themselves…hmmmm…I KNEW this was a great site!

  8. fantastic surprise!!!!!

    if we’re pimping progeny, my 23 year old son is incredibly good looking, procrastinates more than anyone I know, never places apostrophes appropriately, occasionally falls off his skateboard, likes Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle, has one tattoo and one facial piercing…. someone please take him off my hands….

  9. I have tried to give mine away many times. When I tell him to clean his room he pretends he’s a statue man. Free to any kind of home. He’s really cute when he’s sleeping. Bonus.

  10. “Happy Birthday You Sexy Bitch”

    Can’t. Stop. Laughing!
    Oh god, that is just too funny.

    I like your son’s sense of humor a LOT.

    Happy Mom’s Day, daisyfae! 🙂

  11. rob – this could be a fine pairing! Anarchy-R-Us… both of my critters are critical thinking, authority-questioners. perhaps sharing resumes makes sense!

    gnu – Anarchist Children Arranged Marriages? Probably not going to give Craig’s List a run…

    nm – perhaps my 21-year old daughter? she’s the world traveler. trying hard to get me to South Africa for the World Cup in 2010…

    paisley – they do, indeed, rock… there have been bumps, but the most important thing is that we all talk, and listen. and sometimes i yell, but fortunately they find my rants amusing. sometimes…

    manuel – the “sexy bitch” bakery woman found it amusing. when he asked the clerk this time “could you put ‘you’re lucky to have us’ on the cake?” she just shrugged and said “i guess…”…

    uw – “statue man”? that’s good… perhaps you can use that technique at work when asked to do something stupid by a customer? put him in a box, stuff in some lettuce. i need someone to do my lawn since The Boy abandoned me for college…

    toby – Thanks! he’s special… that sense of humor has saved him from beatings. both from strangers and his mother!

  12. I think if my mother caught me creeping around in her kitchen in the early hours of the morning, I’d end up with a backside full of buckshot. So not worth the risk.

  13. I said to my mom “sorry ma, I failed dismally this year. I wanted to get you something small and precious that would make you feel good.” And she said, “You’re here, my baby. You’re small and precious and make me feel good.”

    Man. Moms are just the bomb.

    But I’m taking notes, children of trailer. Notes.

  14. kyknoord – my children snorted at the thought of me cooking them dinner. They both have better culinary talents than I do. My kitchen is for reading the morning paper over coffee and eating take out meals.

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