The Boy, a university student, picked up a job at a local pizza place in the town where he resides – as much to pass the time as to make some cash.  This isn’t a chain pizza parlor, rather a family run business.  After a few months, he’s starting to get better acquainted with his co-workers.

There are only a few non-family members on the payroll.  The Boy has befriended one of the young ladies, an attractive woman in her mid-20’s.  Last weekend, he shared his attempts to help this woman improve her financial standing by teaching her some “Manage The Boss” skills.

It seems his co-worker is being aggressively pursued by the restaurant owner.  The Boy has pointed out to her that it would be in her best interests to think this through carefully before getting more involved. 

The Boy:  I told her that she’s got to be ready to walk away from the job before giving in to him.   I also recommnded that she hold out before putting out.  She didn’t realize that she could actually use the power over him for personal benefit.

daisyfae:  This sounds awful.  Why are you in the middle of this?

The Boy:  Well, I wanted Monday off, but the boss said “No”.  So I suggested that she test her powers with the boss – just ask him on my behalf for the day off to see what happens.  I’m trying to empower her!

daisyfae:  You got Monday off?

The Boy:  Precisely.  So now she’s working on getting us both a raise.  Once i turn it into financial gain, I can officially claim “Pimp” status.

Am i proud?  Sort of… i mean, he’s using the powers for good, and he’s imparting a valuable lesson on this young lady.  i think…. Then again, this is the kid that was trying to loan shark his sister when he was 5 years old. 

22 thoughts on “Pimp-in-training

  1. I guess it should alarm us that this young woman has reached semi-adulthood without realizing that she can use a man’s lust for her own gain and then again, maybe not.

    The boy has a future in subtle manipulation ahead of him.

  2. Apple. Tree.

    Some archaic idiom (haha…idiom…) comes to mind.

    Remember; god helps those who manipulate others for their own benefit.

  3. annie – i was a bit surprised by that too… most women know this instinctively. she sounds sweet… hope the whole thing works out. and they both did get an hourly raise…

    DP – he sounds like a bit of a worm. but he apparently makes good pizza…

    dolceii – idiom – one of my favorite words! i can only hope he’s a puppeteer with a heart…

    bob – the bad stuff is all mine. The Boy’s got my genetics…

  4. az – he is resourceful. my goal with this one is “keep him alive til he’s 25”. if we can get over that hump, then perhaps i’ll be homefree. at least his car insurance costs will drop…

    toby – we just have to figure out how to turn this into some serious cash so i can sponge off his talents after i retire!

    uncle keith – pimpin’ sure ain’t easy… do you speak from experience?

    Mrs. B – Welcome to The Park! Humbled and honored that you stopped by… it shouldn’t surprise me that we share some similar parenting philosophies. Although i don’t pickle the heads, i bury them in the compost heap in the back yard…

    MdW – Welcome to The Park as well! Any friend of the twisted amazing and talented dolceii is a friend of mine!

  5. wanderer – i believe he’d pimp anywhere, anytime… and anything if he thought it would make a buck (or if it would amuse him).

    manuel – it’s a good thing i was neutered shortly after this one was born…

    uncle keith – yes. picture. good boy…

  6. Mrs. B – i’ll put some tequila on ice and dust off the bunny heads!

    nicole – Welcome to The Park! Your jewelery is lovely – My daughter (The Girl) has a shop on ETSY – brilliant.

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