Dimming the lights in the blogosphere…

Broadway “goes dark” to mark the loss of a shining star.  Flags are flown at half mast to mourn the passing of public figures.

We now have to endure a Friday without the incredible, edible nursemyra’s contribution to the beautification of the planet – her weekly corset shot. 

Since she’s only temporarily taken leave to attend to the details of moving house, we know she’ll be back.  To help us all deal with this brief darkness within the interweb, perhaps a communal song is in order…

We love nursemyra, oh yes we do…

Our dear nursemyra, we lust for you…

When you’re not posting, we’re blue…

nursemyra we love you.

We miss you.  Friday in the blogosphere is a dreary place without your inspirational fashion photography.  It’s just not the same…

Fridays in the blogosphere just aren\'t the same without you...

Godspeed and good bandwidth.  May your move be accomplished without trauma or breakage, may you find hidden gold in the rafters of your new flat.  And may the people bringing you internet connectivity work efficiently and effectively to reconnect you to your worshipful public.



18 thoughts on “Dimming the lights in the blogosphere…

  1. The nuns who live across the street have pants like that. I reckon when they hang them on their rooftop clothesline they also get satellite tv reception.

  2. Was that like a karaoke? Nice tribute. The granny panties? Um, not so much. Mind you, those would come in handy if you were shipwrecked on a desert island and needed a sail for your raft…

  3. DP – A map? Plus GPS and a tour guide!

    az – Suppose from the air it looks like a gigantic surrender! Message to God, perhaps?

    ~m – it really isn’t as much fun without her. i haven’t learned one twisted geriatric/sexual fact this week…

    tony – you wouldn’t believe how long i had to root around in my underpants collection to find a pair that didn’t have holes!

    cat – sure! a global undergarment salute would be fitting!

    toby – a hot air balloon? the side of a bus?

    rob – “text karaoke” of sorts… and as a sail, i’m thinking flying spinnaker!

  4. Alas Grandpa cannot blog from where he resides these days.

    There will be a review – it will be an exclusive – I will be wearing a fedora with a piece fo paper inserted into the brim labeled “scoop”. It will be to die for I tell ‘ya, to die for!

  5. umdalum – can’t wait! and we want to know all about the boxers…

    BB – yes… save us from the Attack of the Big Whites!

    az – i believe those pants are blogging as i type this!

  6. hey daisyfae thanks for the tribute. I STILL don’t have an internet connection at home and have been sick with the ‘flu besides. am missing blogging (and all of you) terribly but every time I get up and go back to work I have to take another day off to recover. don’t even have the energy to scream at my new isp 😦

    soon soon soon….. xxx

  7. manuel – tiny? i suppose it’s all relative…

    annie – not even close to the same… when i was a kid, i had a pair that damn near covered my chest. sexy. very, very sexy…

    nm – sorry you’re sick. you are very much missed in the blogosphere – hope you can rest and recover. fluids. um, er… water. that’s what you need!

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