Lighting up the dance floor

Over the weekend, i attended a charity “April Fool’s Costume Ball” – DJ’d by none other than my friend Joey London, who flew into town on his solar powered Lear Jet to spin tunes for a good time and a good cause.  Completely stumped for costume ideas, i pulled an idea from my ass at the last minute, arriving at something fun, yet comfortable enough for a long stint on the dance floor.

A German General officer’s hat (quite similar to the one below) and my favorite party geek toys on my fingers (not to mention a collection of flashing LEDs attached to my hair, and various parts of my clothing)…. Wearing all black, it made for some big fun on the dance floor.


There was a theme to my costume…  Unfortunately, only a few folks guessed right away.  I was mistaken for a “lost raver” as well as “Madonna”…  A “Biker chick with robot hands” was another guess…

C’mon… It wasn’t that hard!  Take a guess…

Danced like a machine for 3 hours straight… Great crowd.  Youngest person there was probably 30.  Oldest?  60’s!  Didn’t matter!  So very nice to have an opportunity to dance, drum and be “tribal” in a non-club, non-meat market environment. 

i hope i never get too old for this… Sheer joy… and playing conga drums with my LED-encrusted fingers?  Major trip for those happy hippies who were eating the brownies!


10 thoughts on “Lighting up the dance floor

  1. The One-Hit-ler Wonder? The German of the Board? The Nazi Party-animal?

    I donno.

    I just wanna get down.

    On a Tuesday.


  2. and playing conga drums with my LED-encrusted fingers
    You sound like one talented broad. :mrgreen:
    Did you go as an alien version of Sheila E?

  3. ~m – not so much talent as it is a state if “i really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks”. Good guess, but no… “Love Bizarre” is her best bit. Especially as covered by Michael Hedges…

  4. az – it was pretty clever… although my favorite costume was a guy dressed as the creepy Burger King. Tearing up the dance floor with his creepy, stone-faced magic…

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