We Wuz Robbed!

          From the kitchen the last time The Boy was home:

                 The Boy:  Mom!  You need to call the police…

                 daisyfae:  What happened?

                 The Boy:  Someone stole all our fucking food*.




* Shopping for one is depressing.  Buying an apple, a banana, a box of Orville’s “Smart Pop”, some low fat yogurt, a few frozen entrees and a 12 pack of Diet Coke just screams “i’m preparing to die alone”.  He’s got a car, a job and my credit card.  He won’t starve.

15 thoughts on “We Wuz Robbed!

  1. I’ve been cooking for, like, 160, for so long that I wonder if I’ll ever survive when I have to cook for one. Do they teach a class out there somewhere for that? Single Dining for the Uninitiated?

  2. Cooking for one so often involves me eating things I wouldn’t expect anyone else to eat–ever! But it also means that I can put together a meal in two seconds–a little yogurt and grape nuts, and we’re good! Or I can eat cookie-dough for dinner if that’s what strikes me. Advantages and disadvantages, right?

  3. kyknoord – he’s full of it. my genetics, of course…

    awalkabout – last summer, i had The Boy and one of his friends living here. >$200/week – the other kid ate his weight in Pizza Rolls! it’s been a shock to spend about $100/month. You’ll need decompression therapy, or need to go to work in a soup kitchen!

    archie – i’ll do it sometimes… mostly? i make jello shots, and the occasional meal when the prodigals return home.

    Empress – True. One advantage is that i can eat out of the box, drink from the milk jug and have tuna on my cornflakes if i wanted to… or cookie dough and jello shots!

    uncle keith – the vacu-jack can also be used to vacuum pack leftovers! it’s brilliant!

    az – don’t worry! the Orville Re-Supply Popcorn Mule shall bring you another load in late June!

    imeantno – ahh… still awaiting the renovations? is your stove still in the garage and the refrigerator on the porch?

  4. ~m – hadn’t seen the JFK-era, but yeah, it’s there. you must be my age! a simpler time when you could trust the “5-0” to solve crime and make us all safe!

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