I knew better.  But i did it anyway…  Completely unprepared, i managed to stumble my way across 3.1 miles of pavement.  Just last October, i managed to do that plus 10 more in the half-marathon.  C’mon.  Shouldn’t be so hard….

It was a beautiful day, warmish weather, and i finished without humiliation.  No land speed records were broken, but neither were any body parts broken*, so it was a success…

Rather than beat myself up about my lousy condition, i am considering it the start of my training season.  Planning to get the bike out, and get my ass moving as the weather improves.  Running brings me no joy, but i’m committed to losing another 20 lbs before i head to Spain in late June… 3 lbs down, 17 lbs to go.  This pavement pounding thing is the most efficient way to do it.  So i shall run…

On the bright side, when doing these “fun run” events, there’s always a swag bag that you get on race day.  For a mere $15, i got to pound myself silly and picked up some consolation prizes!  The swag for today was lovely – although a big ass bar of dark chocolate would have sweetened the deal…



In addition to the event T-shirt, were the standard water bottle, memo pads, pens, refrigerator magnets and the like.  But my favorite bit of “Colon Bling” was the roll of toilet paper, with the “Wipe Out Colon Cancer” banner wrapped around it…

Almost worth the pain.  Almost…


* mine or those of innocent bystanders…

14 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. “but i’m committed to losing another 20 lbs before i head to Spain in late June… 3 lbs down, 17 lbs to go”

    Eep! I’d better start shedding some extra tonnage as well – let’s keep each other motivated, shall we?

    Well done on the race!

  2. az – forcing myself to stay on it. My workout buddy showed up this morning in 40F weather for our first bike ride of the season. If he’d wavered an inch, I’d have been making coffee and inviting him in for the sunday paper…

    nm – it gives whole new meaning to the term “fun run”…

  3. uw – it wasn’t a bumper sticker, just a paper banner. i’ll send it to you and you can duct tape it to your car. or someone elses…

    wanderer – yes. very good thing. double ouch. my thighs are screaming at me…

    manuel – thanks. fighting against the march of time is an endless and ultimately losing battle. maybe i need a cape?

    uncle keith – perhaps a long handled hair brush?

  4. kyknoord – in this case. when i did the half-M, my children were waiting at the finish line. They were hoping to see a runner cross, sporting the well-known, but increasingly rare “brown stripe of the long-distance running rookie”. They had to settle for “bloody nipples”.

    nm – thank you… um, i think

  5. I agree with upset waitress – running is highly over rated. That’s why if I’m ever attacked by a gang I’m just gonna stand my ground because if I run they will eventually catch me and I’ll be too damn tired to fight back….

    Other observations (in no particular order):

    – Uncle Keith scratching his colon with a long handled brush is leaving an image that no amount of alcohol is making go away.
    – “my thighs are screaming at me” – I could really hit this one out of the park (notice open day of baseball reference here, I am SO current events) but it’s too minor league (there’s another) and I am a professional.
    – “bloody nipples” – nice name for a punk band.

    I should really get to work.

  6. umdalum – knives work, too… as for your observations (also in no particular order)
    – key point: it’s not his hairbrush
    – Were they screaming “Go Nationals!” or “More Steroids”?
    – i think some of the members of Social Distortion formed that group, didn’t they?

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