Color me important…

Today included a mad dash of preparation for the preparatory meeting for the cosmic Alignment of Executives, scheduled to take place next week.

In the midst of preparations, a friend* sent an e-mail with a link to the Executive Coloring Book.

i’ve decided to use this image in my “read-ahead” materials, to be sent early next week.  We’ll learn once and for all if our Executive Directors read the material we send in advance…


THIS IS ME!  I am an executive.  Executives are important.  They go to important offices and do important things.  Color my underwear important.


* Life’s Eclectic Wanderer, who also knows my habit of surfing the web on my blackberry when i’m tapped for ideas during meetings and brainstorming sessions…

14 thoughts on “Color me important…

  1. toby – dingy white cotton bloomers, torn elastic at the band, with perhaps an unsightly stain or two in various locations. all the cool girls wear them…

    paisley – most likely? my younger, still-caring-about-his-career colleague from the other organization will freak at the suggestion, and i will relent. my director is uptight. his director is an unknown. so, the joke shall only play out in my imagination… (sigh)

    umdalum – i finally stopped sleeping with it about 2 years ago. the book is from 1961, apparently out of print, and highly prized. back then, “going commando” meant something entirely different, i think…

    BB – you must be important. you sexy thing. sock garters would totally make the outfit…

    nm – is that a euphemism?

  2. umdalum – the blackberry. but it’s on my nightstand. sometimes i have to touch it if i wake up during the night for comfort. and by the way, i refer to it as my “dingleberry”. hangs around annoyingly below the waist, is an irritant, etc….

  3. “dingy white cotton bloomers, torn elastic at the band, with perhaps an unsightly stain or two in various locations”

    i picture you wearing these under your coveralls and it’s actually rather sexy. does this mean you can take the boy out of Ahia, but you can’t take Ahia out of the boy? 🙂

  4. awalkabout – because i live and breathe in a world populated by males, who need ego-stroking in our happy suburbia to feel manly… i call it “opposition research”.

    toby – i do own, and have been known to wear overalls. not the fashionable type, either. that this could be considered erotic to any other human is deeply, deeply disturbing! your roots are definitely showing…

    archie – we should have a coloring contest! if you can color the important executive shorts plaid, then i suspect you’d win!

    uncle keith – if he’s as important as he thinks, he’ll get Martha to take the fall for him…

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