One man’s digital is another man’s analog…

During an alcohol-fueled bitch-fest offsite strategy session this afternoon, one of my colleagues shared a great “dork boy engineer” story.*  After returning to the office following a doctors appointment, an electrical engineer (EE) relayed to his boss a tale of medical woe…

Informing the engineer that medical testing would be necessary to determine the root of the problem, the doctor said “is digital testing ok?”  Seeing as this gent puts the “EE” in “Geek”, digital is always better than analog, so he consented to the test.

Needless to say, engineer-boy was brought back to reality by the jarring snap of a rubber glove… 


* The “boss” in this case is the wife of my colleague, also an engineer, who apparently supervises some extraordinarily geek-erific people.

11 thoughts on “One man’s digital is another man’s analog…

  1. “Now let’s see… he had his left hand on my left shoulder. No, wait – he had his right hand on my left shoulder. Hang on, he had both hands on both shoulders!!!

  2. umdalum – Mystery solved! “Klaatu barada nikto!” means “Smoke?”

    uk – don’t tell me geeks have lost their collective sense of humor? not worse than feminists, i hope…

    kyknoord – “turn your head and tell me how you like it, baby…”

    kyknoord’ – is that the same as “ROTFLMAOTIMHPAL”?

    nm – he’s laughing… just deep down, inside his tiny, tiny inner nerd-child…

  3. uncle keith – sorry to hear that. i was the comical fat girl that let the scrawny nerd boys out of the lockers after the jocks moved on to the next victim… i still hate bullies.

    awalkabout – something totally charming about the nerd herd, isn’t there?

    nm – he was probably buried in the latest Wired magazine…

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