16 thoughts on “Stop pinching me…

  1. i am italian and irish,, and i have always said laughingly… “don’t get me drunk or mad…” and there are quite a few people in this world that now know why i was laughing…..

  2. archie – [bang!] [CRASH!]

    paisley – that’s even scarier than sicilian/redneck! at least the redneck in me can be distracted with shiny things!

    manuel – One man’s mercenary is another man’s freedom fighter… Serve on, brother!

  3. uw – combination lawn aerator/tire deflator. also works well if you can play golf while walking on your hands….

    kyknoord – shitmobiles rock! i’m trying to collect the whole set…

    DP – under the table again? after just one hard cider? Wow… you are a cheap date…

  4. I’m almost absurdly ‘Irish’ (those of you who know my full real name will know what I’m talking about) and I’ve got the stupid wispy yet frizzy hair to prove it. Though at least my Canadian Indian blood on my mother’s side has given me serious cheekbones (to quote Edwina from AbFab – “my whole body hangs off my cheekbones!”)

    There’s a very famous well-known Irish pub not far from where I live and I make sure to stay as far away from it as possible on St.Paddy’s Day.

    I can’t imagine anyone pinching me and living to tell the tale…

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