Another conversational snippet…

The Boy has finished his exams for Winter quarter, and returned to the auxilliary trailer park home for Spring Break.  We were catching up on odds and ends, and he dropped this on me.  Well, it’s more like he dropped a big ol’ steamer on my living room floor.

The kid definitely has my genes.  And is uniquely qualified at the art of leaving me speechless…

Last weekend while visiting his sister, he was snowed in due to the blizzard.  He spent the weekend camped out at her apartment, drinking her beer and annoying her neighbors.  Sufficiently bored, he decided to post a comment on my “glamour of motherhood” post. 

The Boy:  Did you like the link I used? 

daisyfae:  It was pretty brilliant – very well done!  Where did you find it?

The Boy:  I needed a recipe for “hootch”…

daisyfae:   [blink, blink…]

The Boy:  Yeah.  I need to learn how to make hootch.  It’s an important skill…

daisyfae: [glaring… waiting…]

The Boy:  When I end up in prison, I better be good at something.  I could learn to do tattoos, but that requires talent.  I’ll never be the tough guy.  And I sure don’t want to end up being someone’s bitch.  This way, if I’ve got a valuable skill, like Brewmaster, they’ll leave me alone… 

daisyfae:  Well?

The Boy:  The first batch sucked.  I made the second with a white grape juice base.  It was better…

daisyfae: [scowling…]

The Boy:  What?!?  Relax, woman.  I didn’t make it in the toilet…

10 thoughts on “Another conversational snippet…

  1. paisley – The Girl owes him the beer. Until she turned 21, her little brother was buying her Guinness for her. Glad you see the humor, too…

    uncle keith – true. and if he ever does land in prison? imagine the opportunities for blog-fodder? i thought i’d be able to get through my demons out here in a couple years. if he gets his any more in touch with his inner redneck? i’ll be writing for decades…

  2. kyknoord – when writing about interactions with my children, i will generally run it past them before publishing. he made a specific point to remind me that he’d said “when” not “if”. yes. i noticed….

    az – also part of the follow-up conversation was a discussion of homebrewing beer… with my marketing skills, i could perhaps supplement my retirement income by sponging off my son.

    nm – he has said on more than one occasion “my mom doesn’t cook. she distills’ in regard to my ‘jello shot fabrication process’, which is rather efficient.

    awalkabout – industrious from the day he gained mobility, this one has always been up to something. we caught him loan-sharking his sister when he was about 8 years old. “industrious”. that’s a nice way to look at it!

  3. Hey girl, communicate with lad. He is ambitious, has plans and knows where he is going, and is realistic about his graft! Encourage him to foster his inner hooch talent! It’s good to talk!

  4. bb – as much as it rattles my cage, i am thankful that both of my children are comfortable talking to me. i suspect if he ever really ends up in prison, he’ll be the bookie… the boy’s got a talent for it.

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