Habi-trailer park?


i’ll be in The Park for a couple days…. Mom’s scheduled for heart catheterization today.  It’s an outpatient procedure, but highly recommended that someone spend the night. 

The plan from my family members was to have DQ, Jr. stay over.  That would be the 13 year old.  On a school night.  My sister, S, was the other option, but she’s had the flu, so that was off the table.

I’ll be spending the night there, under a pile of cheap plastic crap, in a recliner in Mom’s living room, being nibbled by fleas.  And thinking about that nice, puncture wound in her femoral artery… i hate puncture wounds. 

But it will keep my mind off the spiders circling my head…

16 thoughts on “Habi-trailer park?

  1. I trust your mom is okay. I had a heart cath once, the femoral artery poke was bad but the rest was okay, recovery was easy enough. Remind sometime me to tell you my best Cringe story that happened during that procedure …. it’s a real prize winner.

    Hope you can get some sleep.

  2. Uncle keith – depends on who you ask. Kinfolk would say upper right, as they feel I look down on them. I’d say the one on the bottom – since their shit flows my way…

    uw – her lady friends at church could probably benefit from a little wax…

    lksn – it was built as a set for an outdoor theater production. It is pretty brilliant.

    bc – I’ll get that cringe story later. I managed a little sleep, but am stiff as a cork (and not in the good way) from the “chiropractors dream” recliner.

    kyknoord – survived the night. Will have to burn my clothing outside my garage when I get home.

    nm – with the trapeze on the balcony 🙂

  3. az – the ejecto-bed might throw the whole thing out of balance and cause complete collapse. i’m not sure there were fleas this time – her house makes me itch. may be psychosomatic… but the black lung conditions are real. i was coughing for over an hour after i left today.

    uncle keith – that trailer stack would be a tornado magnet!

  4. awalkabout – they really are clever! shame they’re not real! For more info on the “redneck mansion”, here’s a link explaining the origins as a set for a Chekhov play.

    manuel – thanks. she’ll likely need more surgery. there’s a good chance she can come out the other side feeling a lot better than she does now. in the meantime, i ain’t getting writers block anytime soon… hope you’re feeling better!

    uw – it was. she got kicked her out for being too trashy and bringing down the property values.

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