duality clarified

The primary reason i’m hacking up morsels of my memory banks out here in the blogosphere is to sort out the duality of my nature…

Raised in The Park.  Comfortable in The Park.  Understand The Park.  Appreciative of Earthiness of The Park.  Know that my heritage lies in The Park.  Amused by The Park.


Disgusted by behavior in The Park.  Struggling to run from The Park.  Embarassed by my connection to The Park.  Confused as to how i emerged from The Park.  Frightened by the potential impact of The Park on my children.

and then it hit me…



oh fuck.  i’m a human mullet. 

“business” in the front, and “party” in the back…

12 thoughts on “duality clarified

  1. Oh for fuck sake Daisy. If you are going to compare yourself to a hair-do at least do it with style. You’re more like a mohawk. Neat and shiny on the outsides with a fucked up middle. 🙂

  2. Dammit, daisyfae, that photo just about made me blow lunch.

    So, now we know what you mean, if you should refer to your business end, eh?

    Party in the rear? My, my. 🙂

  3. uw – right and to the point as always. i find no comfort there…

    nm – a beehive? looks soft and squishy, but in reality tough as nails?

    toby – sorry, but i kinda liked that pic! and it’s really more about having a long ‘tail’ to cover up my red neck…

  4. Back in the early ’60s, the bad girls hid razor blades in their beehives.

    Some of them did.


    One girl permanently lost most of her hair when she was in the 9th grade (Johnson Park Junior High, Columbus, Ohio), from using too much Crystal lacquer and not enough shampoo.

    True story. It was horrifying.

    nursemyra, I know you like John Waters’ movies, but trust me – he’s a dilettante (although a very sweet man).

  5. az – not spiders. anything but spiders…

    uw – fuzzy turd or bad photoshoppery?

    toby – razorblades in beehives? very John Waters…

    cat – it was only a matter of time. please, not the feathery ‘camaro mullet’. those are worse than spiders…

    az – welcome to the wonderful world of the upset waitress. she’s got a way about her, doesn’t she?

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