The other side of global cooperation

On the outside chance you are not already a rabid fan of kyknoord, International Man of Mystery please drop by the other side of the mountain for a visit. 

He graciously invited me to provide the plot for todays post…. And for enquiring minds, the plot is based on actual events from my workplace, when i was a silly young trollop*.

It’s my hope that such cultural exchanges can someday lead to world peace.  Or at least collective giggles.  Baby steps…


* yes.  as opposed to now when i am a silly old trollop…

12 thoughts on “The other side of global cooperation

  1. kyknoord – Fuck yeah! And we must make a pact to say that at the awards ceremony – assuming we’ll beat Mr. Bush, of course…

    nm – i also like ‘tart’, ‘poppet’ and ‘hussy’…

  2. kyknoord – i’ll helpfully offer to armwrestle W for the prize. you can handle the wagering…

    awalkabout – good plan! he would bring some class to the activity!

    az – hard to pin these IMOMs down. I’ll do some research on ‘taggants’ and see what i can find.

    nm – yes, in meaning, but it’s right there in ‘coolness’ in my book!

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