getting really (c)old…

Is it spring yet?

More snow and ice.  There was a magical moment this morning at 6:00 am – opening my tired eyes to watch the extensive list of closings on the morning news – and patiently waiting through over 200 listings to learn that we’d been granted a 2 hour delay in reporting to work!

Joy!  It felt like a “snow day” from school!  i re-set the alarm and snuggled back into the pillows for much needed sleep… An additional 4″ of snow fell overnight, coated with 1/4″ of freezing rain during the day.

As lovely as it looks from my front window – a skating rink made of vanilla frosting – i’m getting tired of the cold.  We usually have one ridiculously warm weekend in late February that drives me wild with Spring Fever.  That is the weekend where i am notorious for searching the classified ads for used motorcycles…

With March around the corner, maybe i’ve dodged my annual bike lust-a-thon and will drop right into my early spring ‘i neeeeeeeed a sailboat’ frenzy.  Yeah, it’s just ‘stuff’… but stuff that gets me out breathing and moving.  And after a winter of mostly sitting on my ass, i am hungry to play in the sunshine.  Palm Springs was such a tease…

Snow days are nice, but there’s no substitute for summer vacation!

10 thoughts on “getting really (c)old…

  1. Oh, sister, I HATE two hour delay days. We don’t have regular day care because I can regulate my schedule somewhat, so if there is a delay and I have to be in court–I’m screwed.

    But I’m with you on spring. PLEASE LORD SOON.

  2. awalkabout – i remember those days. school delays and childcare… ugh… much more snow and ice this year. grateful for the lack of -20F days this year, but still. I WANT SUNSHINE AND GRASS!

    toby – it could be worse i suppose. Minnesota, North Dakota, Canada… and we only get this for 3 months.

    bob – come back when it’s warm. i’ll take you for a jeep ride, or a turn on the motorcycle i’m considering (again)…

  3. We seem to have skipped snow proper this year (fingers crossed) for which I am truly thankful. Mind you, as Prince once said, Sometimes it Snows in April…

  4. Having a ‘rain day’ today, just staying in and keeping dry, eating snacks and watching dvd’s … just as cosy as a ‘snow day’ but without all the messy aftermath to deal with.

    Summer vacation? Wassat?

  5. cat – we once had a beautiful and completely unpredicted 8″ snowfall in late April. was there and gone. looked lovely on the flowers… it’s really the cold i tire of…

    az – the sun came out (when i finally got around to shoveling my driveway) and it was beautiful. had to watch out for 3′ icesickles falling from the roof, though.

    toby – with the window open so you can smell it… yep. looking forward to spring thunderstorms!

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