Responsibilities vs Opportunities

Demographically, i’m a single, middle-aged empty-nester.  My baby chicks have flown the coop for college – but with fairly regular weekend drop-ins to spend quality time with me and the dog, and perhaps to take advantage of the laundry facilities*.

On paper, there is nothing keeping me in town, except a house that would be difficult to unload in a shitty housing market, friends, and the job.

Things are never that simple, though…

I have two opportunities for positions on the east coast – one more real than the other.  Sort of ‘open offers’, but the real one may have an expiration date.  It caught me a little off guard today, as i was dealing with an unbelievable stream of ‘you’ve got to be shitting me’ events**.

My response to the offer presented this afternoon? “I’d love to, thank you for the offer, but I’ll need some time to think it through”.  I was surprised by the hesitation – this one has the makings of a great alignment of circumstances.

First, i need time to weigh a move against impact on the kids – they know that this is part of my long term plan, and wouldn’t be surprised.  In fact, The Girl is holding out for me getting a position in Europe to provide better support to her travel habit. 

Second thought?  Mom.  Although i’m not involved in her daily care, i am still the ‘senior strategist’ for whatever happens in The Park.  And i worry that this year may be rough… and no, Dr. M’s hotness isn’t a factor.  Well, not a huge factor…

The biggest surprise?  I have a brain-damaged, attention-deficit-disordered dog.  He hasn’t adjusted to being at the kennel when i travel – coming home hoarse from continuous barking, scrawny from not eating, and tired from lack of sleep.  I’m exploring options for ‘pet sitters’ to see if i can manage travel with less trauma to the canine…

So what is it?  I just can’t see him living in the city… And besides, do i really want to be one of those people carrying a bag of warm dog shit while being dragged down a sidewalk by an NFL Fullback disguised as a labrador? 


* we all agree that they don’t show up here for either the well-stocked pantry, or the fine home-cooked meals…unless jello shots count as a fine home-cooked meal…

** i was extremely tired because i didn’t get to bed last night until 2am after the car-sicle incident at the airport, couldn’t get the dog from the kennel this morning as planned because it was below freezing outside and he was still wet from his bath (apparently blow drying a 100lb dog isn’t an option at this kennel), 30 minutes of frustration attempting to just login to a required training site – all the while dealing with a stream of boneheaded colleagues intent on wasting my bandwidth.  I then had a flat tire on my way to a lunch appointment, with sub-freezing weather.  And then the day got messy…

12 thoughts on “Responsibilities vs Opportunities

  1. Uh, hello? What about me? OK so I rarely see you in person anyway – you can still fly back to get me drunk occasionally, no? Seriously, though, how exciting! And somewhat scary. And really, really cool. Everybody DOES want you. And apparently not just for your killer rack.

  2. Ah, the responsibility vs. opportunity dilemma (although I’ve successfully managed to avoid most forms of responsibility so far). Nothing like a wonderfully unexpected opportunity to send me into a long state of good navel-gazing and soul-searching. Congratulations, I hope you take the time to “think it through” but I also hope you just go with your gut instinct. 🙂

  3. “carrying a bag of warm dogshit”

    that made me spray yogurt out my nose.

    not pretty.

    but worth it:)

    my advice: do something for yourself, for a change…

  4. sounds cliche, but like Magnum used to say, listen to that little voice inside (no not the ones telling you to do strange things, unless that happens to be my voice, but i digress)…that little voice that is your gut instinct. and, the whole carrying shit thing is what’s kept me from getting a dog in my adult life…whenever that starts…

  5. imeantno – of course you’re a factor… but if i do move, it’ll be a 2 year ‘detail’, which means i’ll have to come back periodically to drink and play maintain connectivity with the home office.

    kn – and i’m lucky as hell to have the chance to throw it. just hoping no one gets caught underneath when it lands…

    expensive yet cheap – yogurt out the nose? not pretty, but better than a bag of steaming doo…

    nm – the kids often say “she doesn’t cook, she distills..”. true enough…

    tony – Magnum spoke? i’m not sure i watched the show with the sound on. he sure was pretty, though… the little voice says run away, start over, go for adventure, bright lights/big city. the best part? made me realize i’m pretty damn happy right where i am… [clicking heels three times…}

  6. “the little voice says run away, start over, go for adventure, bright lights/big city. the best part? made me realize i’m pretty damn happy right where i am…”

    Huh? 😕

  7. uncle keith – so long as i carry them in the trunk of the car. we’ve got an ‘open container’ law, and jello shots are bustable….

    tyrus – you know i’ve had this ‘plan’ on the scope for a few years. now that i could make it happen? Hmmm…

    toby – warmer, less snow in this case. but the culture is one of complete panic at the hint of a snowflake – and that would drive me nuts. i lived out there for a year… known environment at least.

    az – guess that was confusing… it’s been in my ‘escape plans’ for many years, and i’ve been smitten with the ‘fresh start’ bug! who doesn’t want an opportunity to re-invent, start with a clean desk, meet new people, etc? but at the hint of making it happen in the near-term? made me realize that life is pretty good right where i am. at least for now… (yeah, i’m a flake…)

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