In an airport…

Overheard while waiting at the gate in O’Hare Airport:

Gate Agent:  Paging passenger E. Guy and passenger D. Chowder to the podium.  Passengers Guy, Chowder, Gate B-22.

Bingo!  Talk about flying the friendly skies…. Gate agents demanding guy chowder?!?!?


Travel Post Script:  My amusement at the gate at O’Hare was short-lived.  Returning home to sub-zero temperatures and 4″ of snow on my car – which covered about 1/8″ of solid ice – made for a happy landing.  First bit of fun was simply prying my car door open.  And remembering that i’d cleverly left my gloves and hat inside the car.  It took a full half hour to excavate the shitmobile.  My hands didn’t quite thaw out until i was almost home….  

Wouldn’t have felt quite so bad if i hadn’t been lounging poolside in sunny california, drinking fruity cocktails under the palm trees just the day before.  (sigh)

21 thoughts on “In an airport…

  1. Winters in Ahia are teh suck.

    The leaden sky, barren trees, freezing cold and short days; having to wear immobilizing layers of heavy clothing, snot freezing on your upper lip; when the snow melts, dog shit defrosting in your yard…

    I swear, it’s amazing I wasn’t a teenage suicide statistic.

  2. kyk – the call from the gate agent made me want to go to the airport courtesy phone and have Amanda Huginkiss paged… the Niss twins are going into the repetoire…

    toby – it’s not that bad… ok. at 1am, it was that bad… at least the sun’s out this morning.

    nm – welcome to the midwest. if it’s really cold, it never leaves your nose, just freezes in place.

    toby – congratulations!

  3. isn’t it soooo great to be back? more snow! more cold! more seasonal depression! more holy shit if it doesn’t stop snowing and warm up i’m going to start typing redrum on my blog over and over again…

  4. Forget snot freezing … I used to experience eyeball freezing temps in Winterpeg … seriously. You had to keep blinking. A lot. And when I lived in the shit-hole-from-hell northern Manitoba mining town of Thompson, I regularly got frostbite on any part of my face and ears that weren’t totally covered up during my ten-minute walk to school. When it was -40º with a wind chill factor we still got sent out to school – the only thing that stopped us was having about 3 feet of snow dropped overnight. And the very best footwear were the mukluks that our neighbour made for all of us kids – but only good for dry snow.

    Man, I don’t miss any of that even a little bit…

  5. az – eyeball freezing cold. yes. worse than snot. brrrrr….

    uncle keith and toby – you guys are good! some new ones for me…

    if you like the ol’ airport announcement game, then these guys are the masters… after hearing them a dozen times, they still crack me up!

  6. nm – if you’re attempting to disuade, that approach may fail. i think forcing them to share a room with rosie o’donell at the gimcrack for a few weeks is more likely to correct their badness…

    uk – it’s friday. i suspect the teacher is dressed over at her site…

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