O’Hare on a sunny day…*



A travel day… after being out too late last night, i was up at dawn’s butt crack, throwing (hopefully) clean underwear in a suitcase, and hauling myself to the airport for an early flight to the west coast.  Despite fog/rain/wind at O’Hare in Chicago, i arrived at my destination on time with no major problems.

It’s fun to listen to the air traffic control radio on planes when that option is offered.  Today?  Pretty wild – with nasty weather at O’Hare the chatter was continuous.  As we made our approach, i heard our flight number called as the captain was told to ‘break pattern, pull up to 11000 feet and contact ATC tower for go around instructions”.  Followed by near instantaneous throttle and climb. 

Cool…  always nice to know someone is up there flying the plane!  It was a ‘spacing distance’ issue, and we had an uneventful landing after a 15 minute detour.  Well, ‘uneventful’ unless you were the guy a few rows ahead of me who got a second look at his breakfast due to turbulence.  or the guy next to him…

Palm Springs for three days?  There are worse things about my job.  Off to get hammered with my drinkin’ and whorin’ buddies network with professional colleagues.


* No, not “O’Hare the airport”, but the real O’Hare:   Lt. Cdr. Edward “Butch” O’Hare, First US Navy Ace, Medal of Honor Recipient, Wildcat Fighter Pilot and First Hellcat Night Fighter…. Apparently you’ve got to do a lot of good flying to get such a big airport named after you…

10 thoughts on “O’Hare on a sunny day…*

  1. Palm Springs, eh?

    Plenty of booze and good food in that place.

    You plan on hiking up the San Jacinto Mountains while you’re there?

    (Did the guy’s barf bag overflow, or did he just use his lap? Must have been some serious turbulence.)

  2. toby – hiking might be too close to exercise. we’re likely to sit by the pool and drink…. i didn’t see the ‘event’ on the plane. fortunately.

    awalkabout – it’s a fine line. tomato / tomahto….

    kyknoord – it’s frowned upon at the office? shit. nobody sent me that memo….

  3. “It’s fun to listen to the air traffic control radio on planes when that option is offered.”

    Eep – not for me. It’s bad enough being stuck in a long metal tube thousands of feet up in the air without hearing about all the near misses, etc…

  4. nm – i love it when a plan comes together 🙂

    uw – tequila. it’s what’s for breakfast.

    az – i’m planning to get a private pilots license over the next few years, so for me it’s practice. you are obviously a nervous flyer – a sign of deep intelligence. a ‘thermos with wings’ does not intuitively make for good transport, does it?

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