19 thoughts on “Really. I meant it. Now buzz off…

  1. az – maybe it was kosmic karma, but he did leave me alone tonight. or maybe it was the “Dink-Away” pest repellent spray i’d marinated in prior to rehearsal…

    toby – someone sent it to me today. hmmm…

    manuel – you say that as though i might care?

  2. kn – one of the reasons i only do one show a year. takes about 6 months to work through the paperwork for “temporary protection orders”

    toby – yeah. i guess Jon Stewart got tired of my lustful e-mails…

    paisley – this girl can… especially drummers… 🙂

    nm – it’s theater. we’ve got lots of both kinds…

  3. there is no way he won’t think you are coming on to him due to the phallic imagery in the picture…no wait, i meant there is no way I won’t think that…

  4. penfold – perhaps nice body art?

    tony – phallic? i suppose if you like ’em long and scrawny. to each his own, eh?

    uncle keith – at least she cared enough to fill out the paperwork. perhaps that’s a sign that someday she’ll understand that no one else will ever love her the way that you do…

    uw – along with about 300 other people last weekend! maybe he got excited about one thing that happened… part of my role backstage is to watch the tempo of the band (they tend to slow down). i am backstage right, next to the band, and i often signal for them to pick up the tempo. apparently friday night, i did this during the ‘be in’ scene. i didn’t realize that i did it from the stage during the song. while topless. they enjoyed it… and suggested that i provide all future direction in the same manner…

  5. Besides the stalking part, is there anything particularly heinous about him? I loves me the musicians, perhaps you could point him my way. 🙂

    ok, j/k … We can take care of him if he doesn’t leave you alone. I have Connections.

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