The Wonder Dog himself, Mr. Pickles.  In Spanish, he’s Senor Escabeche.  Mostly, he sleeps.  On this particular day, the kids decided he needed a cape, to fully capture his magical powers.  Once the novelty wore off?  He slept….



So i’m playing around with embedding pictures and the like.  Too tired to write anything short and clever, and not quite up for finishing up any of the morose and brooding nuggets that are in the works.

Here’s to big, slobbery, warm and toasty dogs.  He pre-warms the bed for me at night, jumps down to let me get settled with the blankets, and jumps back up to make a happy ‘dog pile’ at the end of the day.

As my housemate, and fellow refugee from The Park, i couldn’t be happier to come home to him every night.  Probably one of the healthiest relationships i’ve ever had!

10 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. In Spanish he is actually Señor Encurtidos (escabeche is a vinegar brine sauce).

    I have to say the brine does wonders for his coat – he’s so shiny!

    And it’s nice to see him taking a break from all that sleeping… 🙂

  2. az – wondered about that… i think it was ‘pickle’ – the verb – that led us to escabeche. either way it works!

    uncle keith – he may not just sleep while i’m at work. note the hair on his paws… hmmm… maybe there’s a reason he’s so tired?

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