i got life…

it was a year ago that i had my second surgery.  the 6mm x 8mm cancer nugget was removed from my breast, along with one undiseased lymph node and about two pounds of breast meat that had faithfully obeyed the law of gravity for many years.

one year ago this week, my friends and i were having a drunken farewell party for the old “girls”, complete with balloons, silly gifts and enough alcohol to put an entire frat house into a coma.  Of course the doc told me not to drink before surgery, so i quit well before midnight – technically, i followed the rules!

everyone deals with these situations differently – my method was to adopt a ‘level head plus perpetual motion’ technique.  going to all medical appointments alone forced me to take good notes, and maintain a clinical approach to treament. 

to stay busy, i was at a choreography session for Bat Boy, The Musical four days after the lumpectomy, opened the show 2 weeks later, and while finishing 6 weeks of radiation, started training for a half-marathon (having never run a step in my adult life).

denial?  you betcha! 

But after 6 performances,  40 discarded pounds, a couple hundred training miles and a half-marathon under my belt, i had bulldozed my way through the year, also forcing recovery from a skewed work/life balance that had me routinely working 60+ hours per week.

what better way to celebrate the year than completely letting loose with a tribe of sweet and talented kids putting on a show in that beat up ol’ theater in a sketchy section of town?  i honestly don’t give a shit what i looked like on that stage…  and i certainly wasn’t acting tonight. the joy was genuine.

i got life

14 thoughts on “i got life…

  1. Reminds me of one of my students, nursemyra, who used to say “take the bull with the corns” until I set him straight.

    And what a great reminder to appreciate and enjoy the fact that we got life, daisy. Wonderful post.

  2. nm – suggesting i get horny? they’re kinda young, but ok…

    az – i’m a lucky puppy. when i get grumpy i have to remind myself of that…

    paisley – i was even more fortunate to have the chance to do it! good thing they weren’t doing Oklahoma! Kinda hard to flash your boobies at a hoedown!

    toby – thanks! you’ve dealt with more tough stuff… like i said, i got no complaints!

  3. df–some get waaay down with bad news. some go faaar out to get distance. you, girl, just go over the top!! you’re a great model for all of us who want to live life as opposed to pass through it. keep up the good fight and keep laughin’!

  4. eastcoastcarol – Hello Carol! Welcome to The Park!!!! “over the top”? you bet! Enjoying ‘right now’ because you never know where the next dip in the roller coaster might be…

    cat – thanks, but i’m just staying true to what lies within… screw the ‘inner child’ – don’t lose touch with your inner party girl!

  5. nm – oops. there was a cast party tonight. forgive me nursemyra, for i have considered sin…

    uncle keith – big. damn. fun. recommend this show for your local crew…

  6. Bravo bravo! Cheers to bulldozing through and genuine joy … I’ve always believed that denial can be remarkably effective. Congratulations 🙂

  7. tNb – it’s directed denial! that’s the secret – rather than “curling up in a fuzzy ball” denial or “militant” denial (which are both in my arsenal of coping mechanisms) “directed” denial can be very effective!

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