On writing and relationships…

I don’t remember how we met, or when we discovered the uniqueness of the relationship.  It was through our common professional community, many years ago.

He has been a friend, coach and glorious mentor – personally, professionally and spiritually.  I have a “call sign” for him: yoda.

Note to yoda – yes.  lowercase “y”.  Unless and until you can draw from me the power to vaporize, or at least levitate, the bunghole hat-driver, going 50 miles per hour in the left lane of the highway, turn signal flashing since he bought the car and seat belt sparking joyfully on the pavement, it will remain lowercase “y”.

He writes.  He reads.  He observes.  Thinks deep thoughts and practices the art of reflection like a master.  He also whines a bit, and gets cranky when people don’t understand his messages. 

When discussing the act of writing, and the practice of blogging, I received the following note from him this week…

“I have always taken the position that reading (and by association writing) is the best way of interacting in that it allows you to communicate with those who want to talk with you.  You find your audience and read those people with whom you resonate. 

“Reading folks long dead is still a conversation (albeit a bit passive on their part) for me, and one I want to engage in for folks like Camus, Raymond Carver, Mencken…

“And of course the person I most like to converse with is me, so writing allows me to do that… “

Taken with this beautiful capture from penfold, on the nature of relationships that arrive via the electronic medium, it comes full circle for me – we write, read, observe, think deep thoughts. And we share them.  These relationships can ebb and flow in the manner of all relationships….

Welcome to the internet V2.0…..


14 thoughts on “On writing and relationships…

  1. kn – i’m out here self-medicating… i’m not going into the dark and creepy recesses yet. i think there are worse things than dragons. Shhh… mimes…

    penfold – he also kicked me out of his car at a truck stop once, but that’s a story for another day! 🙂

  2. tony – thank you. and it’s good to see that you’ll still be writing…

    az – certainly the most unexpected outcome of my foray onto the interweb has been the warmth and camaraderie… oh, and the really great porn! i’m now hopelessly in love with a lesbitarian midget contortionist with a brilliant dog…

  3. Hmmm … it seems Penfold’s post has got a few of us thinking …

    Been reading your blog for a while, but finally stopped lurking to comment. I love yoda’s words of wisdom – who knew boys could be so insightful? 😉

  4. well i for one have to agree… i think writing is superior also in the fact hat it allows you to edit,, rewrite,, and in the case that it is needed research before you open your gob and stick your foot in for talking with out thinking first…..

  5. tNb – Welcome to The Park! We can all use some atomic dogma, and i’ve enjoyed your posts as well! yoda is rather exceptional – i’m working hard to coax him to post the occasional comment (although we’ll need to get another friend, K, to help him figure out the technical stuff). Insightful? Surprising for sure… i thought testosterone was an ‘insight blocker’…

    az – about yoda or the lesbitarian midget contortionist? both true… not that i’m in love with her. ‘lust’ is a better descriptor…

    paisley – i find myself doing quite a bit of editorial work. not anywere NEAR enough, though… i’d go back and re-write prior posts, but after others have commented, i feel like that’s kind of cheating…

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