Some things never change…

I call Mom at least once a week, always on Sunday evenings.  Tonight?  I called from the car, driving home from a full day of ‘tech’ for Hair.  After the initial ‘how was your week?’ discussion, where i generally get a run down of everything she’s eaten since last Sunday, there was this:

daisyfae:  We had a good first tech run through of Hair today – still a bit rough, but it’s coming together.

Mom:  You’re doing another show?

daisyfae:  Yes, remember?  I’m sure i’ve mentioned it – i’m working backstage.  Couldn’t pass up the chance, since i’ve loved the music for this show since i was a kid…

Mom:  Oh, that’s right… but you’re not in it, are you?

daisyfae:  Well, as a matter of fact… i’m doing a short cameo appearance.  The director and cast have invited me on stage for the naked ‘be in’ scene.

Mom:  [pause] Naked?  You’re getting naked?  On stage?

daisyfae:  At least partially naked – tonight i went topless.

Mom:  But you’re wearing a bra or something…

daisyfae:  Nope.  Last time i checked, the definition of ‘naked’ was ‘naked’.

Mom:  Showing your boobs on stage?  At your age?

daisyfae: [smiling] Yes, Ma’am!

Mom:  ………

14 thoughts on “Some things never change…

  1. uw – nope, going tittie-commando! have worn pasties before (sorry kids) but couldn’t get the ‘twirl’ thing down… i ended up looking like a metronome made of jello.

    bc – i got a comment from one gal in the cast “damn, girl! you’ve got a gorgeous rack” while on stage!

    kn – and that i’m the horse…

    nm – good point! c’mon waitress! we wanna see ’em! i’ll throw some virtual beads…

  2. toby – and i get to sing, too… no solo this time, but it’s good to belt it out on stage again!

    uw – a woman after my own heart! screw the love and happiness, shit….SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

    az – there will be none of me, but i’m hoping we get some footage of the waitress in n’awlins!

    uncle keith – well, there’s no reason you can’t whip out a surprise for the final performance! take pictures. post them…

  3. I LOVE it! I wish I had appeared sans brazierre before the nursing the child incidents of 1994. RUINED they were. OK not really btut the perkiness was gone…

    Uncle Keith maybe you should just let it pop out and act like you dont notice… hehe

  4. blueseaglass – i’m sure they are still wonderful! i’m as much celebrating being one year past a cancer diagnosis as i am having a fresh rack of perkies at 45! and uncle keith? i highly recommend this – there are boys on stage bare-assed naked – and one does a cartwheel downstage, junk-to-the-audience style! press leaks have occurred, and there’s a community uprising afoot… can’t wait…

  5. uncle keith – as of tonight, there was a photog from the largest local newspaper. likely to be front page by thursday or friday… oh, the buttheads are gonna get riled! bring it…

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