From the mouths of babes…

Yet another conversation with The Boy from last weekend.  Talking with both critters about the “middle-aged chick emo” genre…

The Boy:  You’re not really middle-aged.  You’re halfway dead.

daisyfae:  nice… doing wondrous things for my mood here, kid.

The Boy:  Think about it.  “Halfway” dead is probably optimistic.  That presumes you’ll live to be 90.

daisyfae: always the optimist…

The Boy: Someone once said, ‘glass full / glass empty — whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist depends on what’s in the glass.’  let’s say the glass is partially filled with shit.  then saying it’s ‘half empty’ is being optimistic. 

daisyfae: “halfway dead”…  i suppose there are worse things… [frowns, thinking deep thoughts… ]

9 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes…

  1. The Boy is 19, right? Teenage boys have a knack for insensitive, loutish behavior.

    By God, don’t play the victim! Tell him he’s being an asshole!

    Hugs and kisses…

  2. uw – oh, no… his logic is irrefutable! that’s how i raised him!

    toby – victim? hardly! i was too busy laughing my ass off! same kid got me PMS meds when i turned 40 and said “enjoy it while you can”. That’s just funny! (yeah – we’re kinda strange this way)

  3. Can’t follow that Nursey, so I won’t try. This refers to Daisyfae’s epic pome on DP today…..

    There was once a young woman named Daisy (fae),
    Whose life was a challenge – not aisy (hey), [!]
    Her assessment of DP
    And support for the TG –
    Let’s just say she sure ain’t so crazy.

  4. nm – Cheers! um… maybe not…

    Lo,TG – welcome and thank you! you are the interwebs most patient woman… i’d like to host a party of all of the amazing women of this particular community, and toast to Lo,TG!

    az – he’s funny – and he was only 15 when he did the PMS present. surprisingly this type of humor has not gotten him beaten by me, or anyone else. yet…

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