Aw, shucks…

Surprised by this, but it feels good…  thanks bob for the nomination.

I’m not pimping for votes, but if you decide to do so, be sure to read this entry from Reluctant Memsahib.  Simply breathtaking…  It’ll get my top vote.

Oh, and this one from Non-Working Monkey is pretty brilliant, too.

And my third place vote?  Gotta go with FWENGEBOLA’s contraband.

I’m grateful, but feeling rather unworthy to be shortlisted in such remarkable company… there’s some good shit out there….

12 thoughts on “Aw, shucks…

  1. DP – now you made me go look it up…

    1. Unworthy: a. Insufficient in worth; undeserving: “an incompetent porn star, unworthy of our consideration to serve as a member of congress”. b. Lacking value or merit; worthless.
    2. Unworthy: Not suiting or befitting: “The gorillas who waxed her legs were unworthy of her favors”.

  2. I have read all of the entries on the short list (re-read yours, actually) and am humbled by the writing skills of the authors. Thank you for passing this on, and thank Bob for me with regard to nominating your post.

    Carry on, sweetheart!

  3. And you’re very welcome. It’s a good shortlist this week, if I do say so meself …. very diverse.

    And I’m just down the street from your trailer park as of *right now*. Arrived Clermont Co about half an hour ago. Will be spending a lot of time in my own park, or as sister as christened it, “the commune of crazy.”

  4. uw – not likely. first? i don’t expect to be winning writing awards (maybe a ‘big nads’ award for some of the stuff i do in my unblogged life). second? not sure i’d park award banners on the front page – more likely i’ll have an ‘i love me’ page. suitable for printing and putting under my pillow every night for dreamy affirmations…

    bob – welcome back. yoga breathing – in through the nose, exhale slowly through the mouth (whispering epithets of outrage as needed). if time permits, call me and i’ll find you… rehearsals every night this week, but i can find a few hours… x

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