i’m a newbie out here….today is my one month anniversary.  As a result of my newbie-ness, i am still stumbling into some of the oddities of the blogosphere.

Most surprising?  the Trailer Park ‘dashboard’ lets me know what google search terms land people on this site…

In just two days, folks looking for the following were sent to The Park:

“a son wearing his mothers clothes” and “roles reversed marriage silk panties”

also “dirty panties” and “transvestite in leather”… and the oddest?  “husbands castrated wearing panties”…

Damn… that’s funny!  It sure is a big ol’ fucked up world out there, isn’t it?  Or maybe it’s just G, reaching back for me from the grave?

15 thoughts on “G-G-G-Google-eyed…

  1. Uncle Keith – welcome to The Park! hope you have fun over here… your blog made me snort!

    I suspect the person googling the poor castrated hubbys was actually trying to find out the super-secret theme for “Resident Evil IV” – much scarier than fast zombies, don’t ya think?

  2. az – i suppose larger gents who fancy little girls underthings would find them a bit snug (and castration would be deserved…)

    nm – maybe a pair would help Duc along her journey?

    manuel – Blechh! confirms my dark suspicion that such things are in the realm of the plausible, however. good thing i’ve still got 2 days of pizza in the fridge. i’m off soup for a few…

  3. But wait…didn’t I also see “delivery boy pizza wank”? {evil grin} To quote Cheech and Chong: “Here’s the pizza…{zzzzzip}…and here’s the pepperoni.”

  4. wanderer – yep…excellent point. i reckon unless i start growing my own, i’m susceptible to food wankage.

    DP – how festive! “Poo Bum Willy” would actually be a great name for a band!

    And to answer your question: The “G” in “G-spot” is for “Gräfenberg”, who was an intrepid spelunking miniature physician. He accidently discovered, through repeatedly slamming his hard hat (not a euphemism) into a particularly difficult-to-locate part of the female anatomy, that he could be launched over 1,000 yards from this particular brand of cave, and avoid having to walk back to his car after a long, hard day of exploration.

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