Let the sun shine in…

Two weeks before Hair opens, and i’ve attended rehearsals this week.  Beautiful voices, but still a few mised lines, confused blocking and dance misfires.  All in all, it’s in good shape going into the home stretch. 

I was curious to see the infamous “Be In” scene.   When Hair originally opened, the full nudity during this scene was controversial.   The show is dated, though, and not produced very often.  When it is?  The nudity isn’t a big deal for modern audiences.  Most people know what to expect and community standards have evolved over four decades. 

It is a difficult thing, however, for amateur performers to be nude on stage – this is scary enough to warrant an entire category of nightmares!  The directors vision is to see bodies moving, as much skin as possible, and clothing being tossed away.  He is allowing each performer to choose the degree of nudity that is comfortable.

Not knowing what to expect, i was delighted to see this cast embracing their nekkidness – and no, not just because they’re pretty…  Some performers went for “the full monty” (oops, that’s a different show).  Others went with partial nudity, or just removing layers of clothing down to their underwear.

My contribution to this show will be backstage, assisting with props, costumes and the like.  For fun (knowing how much i love this show), the director offered to let me be one of the policemen who arrest the audience and all those naked, stoned hippies at the end of the scene.

Earlier in the week, I was offered a different option.  I now have the opportunity to make a cameo appearance during the “Be In”.

Did i need time to think about it?  About a nanosecond…

Sorry kids, but Momma’s going to be showing some skin on a local stage!  I’ll go ahead and book the therapist now… Are twice a week sessions enough to get started?

10 thoughts on “Let the sun shine in…

  1. good for you… it sounds like you have a special affinity for the show,, and this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to really go for it!!!!!

    i wonder if they will ever do a nude version of fiddler on the roof… i could make a mean yenta!!!!!!

  2. paisley – thanks! now there are several shows that could benefit from a little nudity, but fiddler probably isn’t one of them… [brrrr…]

    kn – if they didn’t land in therapy after my performance in the ‘animal orgy’ scene of Bat Boy: The Musical, then this won’t cause any trouble. they tell me that there’s nothing i can do to embarass them. i take this as a personal challenge…

    nm – shame you’re not in town – you’d bring this production to a screeching halt!

  3. toby – belive me, there are going to be much more interesting bodies on that stage than any parts i have to offer! i’ll be in the noise…

    az – the cast has adopted me, and we are having a blast! kinda like ‘tribe mother’. it’s a beautiful thing…

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