Doctor, Doctor…

Even though my divorce was perhaps the friendiest of all time, i went through a ‘blue’ period – nothing quite so productive or meaningful as Picasso.  More of a ‘funk’ than anything else…

While driving with The Girl, we talked a little about these sorts of things…that it’s normal to feel a little down during life transitions.  Using the cantankerous tapedeck in my shitmobile, we were listening to a playlist from my iPod.  Nothing light and cheery, that’s for sure.

The Girl picked up my iPod, and dialed up the “25 most played” tunes.

“Holy shit, Mom!  No wonder you’re depressed!  Natalie Merchant? Eva Cassidy? Sarah McLachlan?  This is ‘slit-yer-wrist’ music… middle-aged chick emo!”

She then went on to prescribe some tunes with a bit less thorazine…

“You need some Scissor Sisters, the Soundtrack from ‘Life Aquatic’ and maybe some Killers…  Try that for a few weeks and see if it helps…”

10 thoughts on “Doctor, Doctor…

  1. “middle-aged chick emo”… heh-heh-heh!

    my son, the ecologist and poet, likes Euro death metal (I find it amusing in a twisted sort of way for a minute or two).

    for me, no one tops Mozart (although Bill Evans is right up there with him).

    “middle-aged chick emo”… most funny

  2. toby – Euro Death Metal? Ouch… that’s gotta hurt. The Boy has (thankfully) less painful tates in music, liking a variety of old rock (Doors, Animals) and decent punk (New York Dolls, Danzig). Don’t know much about his other fav band, Left Over Crack, but i kinda like the name…

    kn – you will become a M-AC Magnet. buy a box of tissues, pick up some estrogen pills and put a towel on the front seat of the car… for we are notorious for wetting ourselves when we sneeze!

  3. Make sure to add some Mary Chapin Caprenter to that M-ACE mix.

    The added bonus to listening to The Killers is thinking of all the ways to pluck Brandon’s Flower. He’s delicious.

  4. I think it has something to do with the fact that the boy loved him some mosh pits when he was a teenager. Or maybe its the other way around. Hell, I don’t know.

    They say that certain genes skip a generation. With any luck, my grandchild (excuse me, my nieto) will share some of my tastes.

    Excelsior! (ab aeterno ad infinitum et ad nauseum…)

  5. bob – i’m sure MCC was in there… and i think you might be a little late to de-flower young brandon!

    az – but i don’t think most of us have the energy to start cutting ourselves… we’d have to clean up the mess afterwards.

    toby – as grandfather, it is your very job to establish the cultural upbringing of the nieto!

    cat – there are a few of those on mine… like the first song, alphabetically, which always plays accidently when i switch it on… and it just so happens to be oleta adams, i think (sigh).

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