On an airplane…

got an upgrade to business class on my flight.  sitting next to a seasoned traveler, we were comparing stories of frequent flier perks, hotel loyalty programs and the like…

daisyfae: my primary requirement? the hotel must have an in-room coffeemaker!

seasoned traveler:  you actually use them?  don’t you know that flight attendents wash their dirty panties in those things?

daisyfae: [blink…. blink….]

11 thoughts on “On an airplane…

  1. DP – yeah. i suppose. after watching those silly ‘how dirty is your hotel room’ episodes on tv news magazines, i was tempted to start carrying a portable uv light to illuminate the horrors. decided that i’d be better off strengthening my immune system via exposure to all sorts of gnarly bugs.

    az – blechh! for some reason that hits me as worse than flight attendant panty-shrapnel in my coffee. i have no idea why, though. interesting…

  2. this is soooo funny… it makes perfectly good sense that they would… even if they didn’t… but i had a good laugh either way!!!!!

    yet another good reason never to leave the park……

  3. Just rinse thoroughly with bleach (I’m not saying what)…

    And good call on not using a portable UV light. God knows WHAT sorts of gnarly crime scenes you’d uncover with that!

  4. paisley – after my initial reaction, i laughed so hard i soiled my own panties! good thing i had learned the magic cleaning trick!

    manuel – ah HA! there’s money to be made! how could i have overlooked the fetishist demographic? do you like just ‘girl flavored’ or are you into the more specialized ‘poo poo undies’ variety?

    toby – after this discussion, i may start traveling with the disposable bleach wipes… in fact, i may pick some up before retiring at this lovely establishment for the night…

  5. nursemyra beat me to it…i thought attentants wearing panties was an urban legend…if they do wear them, then the idea that they wash them must certainly be an urban legend…

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