Techno DT’s

At the start of a 4 day, 6 flight, 2 city business trip i have uncovered perhaps my worst addiction…

During my first airport layover, upon breaking out the laptop to get a few things done, i discovered that my new ID card (which is actually a smart card that unlocks my laptop) does not, in fact, unlock my laptop.  Egads!!!!

[crash of thunder]

son of a fucking bitch…. i’ve got tons of work to do, and will now have to execute much of it from the blackberry, and using hotel business centers.  connectivity will be limited — and most likely all i’m going to do for a few days out here is swear like a castrated sailor.

Even more annoying?  I’m spending a week on the road, with a small carry on suitcase and a backpack – which is now carrying a 4 lb back-breaking Dell-brand boat anchor.  It’s bad enough that i’ll smell funny by the time i get to my Friday meeting… but i’ll reek of Ben Gay as well.

Did i say ‘son of a fucking bitch’?


12 thoughts on “Techno DT’s

  1. Calm down dear ………. you’ll be fine ……… you’ll manage ………… you are a strong and confident woman ……….. you really should have checked everything worked before you left ……….. my heart goes out to you ………….. I can almost smell you from here. I do hope that has helped.

  2. Stupid fucking dipshit card! 😡

    I love swearing. 🙂

    “you really should have checked everything worked before you left”

    Oooh, you’d better head for the hills, DaddyP.

  3. kyknoord – one that is still on the table (did i say ‘son of a fucking bitch’?)

    DP – i’d get cranky but you are absolutely right. there. is that the first time someone has told you that? are you calling a press conference?

    tobymarx – welcome 😉 to The Park! my silent screams were heard by the psychic who happened to be in the Atlanta airport last night…

    az – me too (but i’m trying to behave just a leetle bit…)… and i’d argue with DP, but he’s fucking right… (double ouch…)

  4. I guess I should have told you that “tobymarx” is me, Mark. I’m shifting my blog over to WordPress and decided to stop using my real moniker as my user name.

  5. and i’d argue with DP, but he’s fucking right… (double ouch…)”

    Oh dear, you shouldn’t encourage him, daisy, especially as he doesn’t seem to know that “Calm down dear…” are serious fightin words … 😉

  6. tony – thought that was you!

    Paisley – not all that impressive, I’m afraid. Just another cog in a big organizational monkey-spank. With a travel budget.

    az – being nice. He’s new here. Will squash him like a bug one of these days when he least expects it most.

    uw – she’s one of us… Maybe a bit classier, but she gets it…

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