Cleared for departure (?)

The Girl is beautiful, brilliant and fearless, with a penchant for world travel.  Majoring in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies, she was compelled to take a solo trip to Morocco last summer for some language and cultural immersion. Although i’m generally supportive of this, i did have some ‘mother worries’ since she was going alone. 

About a week into her trip, i get the e-mail:

“hi, mom!”

it started off simply enough…  after some general travel logistics information, there was this:

“i met the most amazing man on the train from Casablanca to Marrakesh…”

No matter how hard i tried to read the rest of her message, my brain kept taking me elsewhere.  

A humid, Moroccan courtroom, where i’m being silenced by smirking magistrates when offering pleas for the release of my grandchild…

The scene where my daughter and i run through the crowded marketplace, clutching a crying baby as we try to elude machete-wielding thugs.

Or, worst of all… a CNN news studio, where i’m being interviewed by Nancy Grace, sharing gut-wrenching tales of injustice at the hands of cold-hearted bullies.

After her safe return, and quite an adventure, i told her of my concerns.  Her response:  “Hold out for Anderson Cooper…”

9 thoughts on “Cleared for departure (?)

  1. um… I’m not sold on him judging from that pic. but that’s ok – it means when we three get together for a chicks night out we’ll be eyeing up different toy boys 🙂

  2. nm – he’s an acquired taste. but in fact, nancy grace is evil incarnate, so it’s a step up.

    kyknoord – welcome to The Park. and yes, my daughter informed me that Morocco is quite civil. mother hormones know no logic…

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