Wii Smack talk

Both of the kids home for the weekend, and we ended up having a Sunday afternoon Wii moment.  Well, they had the moment – i was curled up under a blanket on the couch semi-dozing and amused.

The Girl is rather skilled at Wii bowling.  This annoys The Boy, who has been practicing to beat her.  They grabbed their favorite bowling Mii’s – Ernest Hemingway for The Girl, and Iggy Pop for The Boy.

(needless to say, watching cartoon characters of “ol’ ernest” and iggy in a bowling alley amuses me endlessly…)

After The Girl nailed yet another three strike series (known as a ‘turkey’ for those unfamiliar with bowling lingo), she decided to talk some Wii Smack.

The Girl:  So, if you’re hungry for some turkey, give me a call.

The Boy:  That is the worst smack talk ever.  If you’re going to do it, do it right… 

after another beating by The Girl, he drops the following:

The Boy:  Your mother is a whore…

from under the blanket on the couch: “hey…. leave me outta this”

5 thoughts on “Wii Smack talk

  1. az – probably is a good thing! Wii is an interactive video game that has the addictive properties of crystal methamphetamines. To play the game, you create “Mii’s”, or cartoon characters that appear in the game as your ‘player’. Pure silliness… time probably better spent reading, i suppose, but it’s fun!

  2. uw – nice one! Both of my critters are part of the readership, so i’m sure this will be added to the arsenal.

    cat – The Girl was doing the Wii bowling while running on the elliptical. I’ve seen her box from there, too. Pretty good workout (and it further irritates The Boy that she’s wiping the floor with him while getting in a workout!). It’s good exercise…

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