sleep deprivation and ghosts

As my alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am, i received a text message from The Girl.  She was finishing a paper, and was asking me for a back-up wake up call at 9:00 am.  After staying up all night to write the damn thing, she clearly didn’t want to accidently sleep through the class.

Work has been somewhat frantic, so as i walked down a long hallway, late for my 9:00 meeting, i gave her a ring.  She answered, and we chatted briefly.  I like to make sure she’s really awake…

As i’m doing this, i see my ex-husband turn the corner at the end of the hallway and start heading my way (he consults for my organization, and we still see each other in the office complex from time to time).

I said “hey, there’s Dad”.

Groggy, but clearly confused, voice from my phone “…yours?”

[giggling] “No, daughter… yours.  Mine died about 7 years ago.”

7 thoughts on “sleep deprivation and ghosts

  1. uw – nothing so exciting. i work for a large research organization, and he has his own consulting business, and works for another group. we actually met in the building — 26 years ago. in the laser test facility. ahh… romance!

  2. bob – it’s all friendly and fine. when i told him that The Girl thought i was seeing ghosts, he giggled, too! and “Juno” is on the short list – The Girl has been barking at me about it since it came out. and i still think that through some miracle she must be your child…

  3. uw – nope. my ex is not the ‘blog keeping’ type – although he’s hysterically funny, and i’m sure some of my best one-liners will be directly traceable to things he’s said!

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