Three Mile Run: A Post-Mortem

First attempt to run in the new year.  Ok.  First attempt to run since mid-November. 

<putting on running shoes, sport watch…> Don’t wanna.  Don’t wanna….

<walking down driveway> Shit.  I really don’t want to do this, but it’s 40 degrees out.  Won’t get much nicer this time of year…

<sees single neighbor drive by> No turning back now.  He’s seen me.  Can’t pretend to be getting the newspaper.

<thud> fuck <thud> shit <thud> what <thud> was <thud> i <thud> thinking? <thud>

<thuds along in mental silence briefly>

<thud> how can it take so long to gain endurance, yet only a couple months to lose it all?  yeah.  ok.  a couple months is a long time….

<thud> wonder if there’s any way inhabitants of The Park will find the blog.  they’d be pretty upset.  hey, it would be drama, though.  i don’t really want to cause them pain…

<thud> speaking of pain, SHIT!  this hurts… i need to get back with the koach.  she beat my ass into shape…

<thud> <thud> <thud>  hmmm… wonder if she owns any leather?  she’d be kinda hot…

<thuds along for several minutes> snow’s all melted.  all the snow has turned to water.  christmas days have come and gone.  i really need to see John Prine before he dies…

<thud> speaking of dying…. DAMN! the achilles tendon again?

<thuds along for several more minutes, mind wandering aimlessly through the week ahead and the piles of mindless goo awaiting her on the desk tomorrow morning>

<thud> <thud> <thud> well… home already?  slower than shit, but i did it.  it wasn’t horrible.  ok.  it hurt like a mother.  speaking of which… need to call momma down in The Park today…

14 thoughts on “Three Mile Run: A Post-Mortem

  1. This all sounds very familiar. I used to run until about ten years ago – had to give it up due to a dodgy lower back and wonky hip …

    I always found that the best thing about running was after I’d finished and could enjoy the ol’ endorphin high. The actual running bit was never actually any fun.

  2. az – i’ve been lucky with the hips, back and knees, but battled foot trouble when i started. never ran before last april, and then started in training for a half marathon. running isn’t fun, but i decided it was better than taking tamoxifen for 5 years (more on that later… )

  3. Excellent! You did it. Whether it was pretty or easy doesn’t matter. It matters that you did it at all. I’m proud of ya!

    But do take care not to overexert the achilles. Back on the elliptical, yes? Open the gym? Yes!

  4. “az – i’ve been lucky with the hips, back and knees,”

    Ha! Wait till yer my age! 😉 Actually, not true. I had to give up running before I was 40 because the back thing was something I’d had since my mid-twenties. Not trying to put you off, but running has to be the worst sort of exercise you can do to keep fit as it really fucks up your joints, and yeah, your feet too.

    What’s tamoxifen?

    And yes, it’s the sort of thing that always feels better when it’s over with. Which raises the obvious question …

  5. az – i’m 45. trainer said i was in pretty good shape because i’d never run before in my life. taking it easy for sure… tamoxifen is a miracle ‘insurance policy’ for women who’ve had breast cancer. my outcome was pretty good, though, and rather than take hormones (with odd side effects) for 5 years, i decided that a reduction in body fat would be just as good. my oncologist agreed. so i run… at least until my body breaks!

  6. Really I’m envious, because I wish I could still run. It was the one thing I would always do no matter what. Getting to the gym for yoga and pilates isn’t a problem, but those damn boring aerobic machines (bikes, ellipsis) are excrutiatingly mind numbing … running through the park in the early mornings was much more pleasant.

    Good luck with it! And I’m very glad to hear the outcome was good for you.

    I’ll be 51 tomorrow (eep!).

  7. my girlfriend has been into running for the last year, and i just can’t make myself do it. i only run when being chased, and i’ll gladly get caught if the chase goes on to long. my excuse for not exercising routinely is that i’m quitting smoking (almost 7days now) and so i can only do one really painful but good for me thing at a time…

  8. az – that’s the advantage of running. as long as i throw my running shoes and industrial kevlar brassiere in my suitcase, i can run even on travel. and when the weather is nice, the grass is green, it is nicer than the elliptical.

    tony – i could be a turd and say ‘3rd year is the toughest’, but i’ll cheer you on. quit (mostly – ‘cept when i’m drinking) about 20 years ago. one day at a time – three weeks seems to be a threshold.

    uw – hence the ‘kevlar’ bra. the recently rebuilt 2007 Model Year bionic twins look great. and i intend to keep them perky! once i get the body fat where it needs to be, then i’ll go back to the supermodel diet – cigarettes and heroin – for maintenance.

  9. You so remind me of a fellow blogger that went on vacation. You two would get along all to well. When she gets back….and she will be back. I can’t wait for you to meet. 🙂

    No reason for drugs, Just puke up the egg whites you eat for breakfast.

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