Friday evening…

Go out? Stay home?

Go out drinking with the gaggle of young, silly, engineer-boys from the office?

Stay home, put on my jammies, clean the house and put away the christmas tree while drinking whiskey?


If i were truly ‘of The Park’, this would be a no-brainer.  But after a month with both kids at home, the house is a FEMA disaster area.  Better focus on the house to prevent federal government assistance…

[sighs, heads for bottle of Jameson…]

10 thoughts on “decisions…

  1. nm – Ahhh! You get it! Hallelujah, sister nursie! couldn’t find a well aged Scot tonight, so mr. jameson will do. And the tree is almost cleared… and i’ve a fine buzz. Life is good!

  2. Hello from a less well-aged Scot – I decided to come and check out the trailer park… I spent last night in my jammies with Mr Pinot Grigot and a hot water bottle. Next time I am definitely coming back as a man.

  3. Cat – welcome to The Park! Thanks to your questions, i put together a page to explain what a Trailer Park is – since it doesn’t really translate well internationally. Mr. Pinot Grigot must get around… i’ve spent a few evenings with him myself…

    Ninjaneer – Precisely! That’s why drinking alone has a few advantages – if i make bad decisions at home alone, Mr. Pickles won’t pull out a cell phone camera and document it for all to see!

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