Neither man nor beast can escape…

…the long arms of The Park.

About 5 years ago, when DQ was still married to her first husband (before he went to prison), she asked if i wanted another dog.   DQs cousin had paid a ridiculous amount of money for a chocolate lab, only to learn that he would grow to 100 lbs – about 50 lbs above the livestock size limit for his current housing arrangement.

I stipulated a ‘try it before you buy it’ approach to assure compatibility with our smaller dog.  It was within the realm of the plausible that this beast was, in fact, a champion Pit Bull being disguised as a lab, and hidden from the mob…  Always be cautious in business dealings in The Park.

He had been named “Lando”. For Lando Calrissian of Star Wars.

Much to my amusement, the large brown dog had been named for the only ‘person of color’ these folks could think of…  clever bunch, they are…

Had they named him “Billy Dee”, we might have kept the name, but even in the car on the drive home, we agreed that the name didn’t work…

The two dogs got along well, and it was clear that the large brown dog was a sweet, subservient and very slobbery attention whore (hmmm… probably a good concept for an episode of Jerry Springer…).

The smaller dog went with my ex-husband when we separated – but the large brown dog stayed, assuring that my house never lacked noise, fur and dog slobber.  As a single, ’empty nester’, the large brown dog is still my canine life partner faithful companion, licking joyfully at his maleness as i write…

Somehow it’s fitting that Mr. Pickles and i are both refugees from The Park.

11 thoughts on “Neither man nor beast can escape…

  1. nm – congrats! it shows that tenacity pays off… we were remarkably amicable in the divorce. Joked about putting the canines into the custody agreement, but decided it better not to scramble the local domestic relations court systems!

  2. my ex kept both cats (thank god!) and she was never to free with her pussy either (ha, couldn’t help the crude joke)…but when the cats died i still had to help bury them and officiate the funeral service with the kids…had been hoping to skip that…

  3. tony – so, if you plant pussy in your yard, what grows there in the spring? sounds like she wasn’t an evil woman, so Venus Flytrap probably didn’t pop up… Pussy Willow, perhaps? I’ve got 5 dead guinea pigs in my side yard (god rest their fuzzy little souls) and have seen neither guinea nor pig sprout…

  4. When I split up with my second husband I only got my sewing machine and a rug. Happily there were no pets or children to deal with. In fact, I’ve always been a bit stupid about not ‘getting my stuff back’ when it came to break ups, which I don’t really care about now as I’d never have been able to cart all that crap to Spain anyhow.

    Well done with keeping Mr Pickles. One of my cats is actually a dog and I tend to think of him as being a lab … he’s just so darned friendly and adores making a fuss over anyone who comes to visit, but luckily he doesn’t slobber (I still get the fur and noise though).

    Great blog, btw … found you via nursemyra.

  5. Sunny is actually a Siamese-Burman mix … apparently they tend to be quite doggy as a rule. He really is adorable – everyone loves him, even people who say they hate cats. Though his mother was a pure *bitch-cat-from-hell* (but I loved her anyhow). She died about three years ago. The other one (sitting behind the laptop in my avatar) is not so much a cat as an alien being in cat-form. Don’t ask.

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