Another year…

….and another venture.  In a classic sense, i’ve done remarkably well – especially considering i was voted “most likely to be found dead in a gutter” in the ol’ high school popularity poll.

There is, however, a tiny, perhaps moving, boundary i crossed somewhere along the way – averting a likely path into the world of “one bad damn decision after another”.  Part of what i am doing with this forum is to try to understand how that happened…

Parenting two rather extraordinary young adults who share some of my genetics (The Girl, 21, and The Boy, 19), i want to understand how i got out of The Park.  So that i can help keep them out of The Park.

The sister who also got out once said “The Trailer Park’s got long arms”.  Scary and true.  One must be vigilant…

Welcome – and i hope you enjoy the virtual Park experience.  Comments are encouraged!

Trailer Park Christmas – 2007

This year, it was quite nice. 

No hurt feelings or accidental cigarette burns on children.  The kids and i were a little disappointed to miss the traditional holiday “Trash My Ex” competition.

We gathered at the home of my oldest sister, S, on Christmas day.  Everyone brought food to share, and it was all non-toxic – no one got sick this year.  i was pleasantly surprised by an elegant bowl of Cheese Puffs.   It’s all about presentation, you know…

That’s not to say there weren’t a few Trailer Park Moments – fortunately this year they were shared, rather than experienced.

The true Queen of The Park is my 35 year old niece, DQ (either “Drama Queen” or “Dairy Queen” – she’s a huge substantial woman).   She is prone to share stories of barfights, drunken adventures, attempts to work ‘the system’, or even combinations of all of the above.  Quite the raconteur-ess. 

I was starting to wonder if the birth of her second child in September had mellowed her behavior a touch – could she be maturing? 

She saved us from disappointment, through an astonishing tale of drunken stupidity… not only that she could mistake her own living room for the bathroom after drinking half a bottle of tequila, but that she would share such a tale with her family.  On Christmas.

And share this tale enthusiastically in front of her 13 year old daughter, DQ, Jr. 

Welcome to The Park.  (sigh)